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November/December 2008

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    Climate Economics in Four Easy Pieces

    By Frank Ackerman

    What will it take to build a better economics of climate change, one that is consistent with the urgency expressed by the latest climate science? The issues that matter are big, non-technical principles, capable of being expressed in bumper-sticker format. Read more »

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    Crisis and Neoliberal Capitalism

    By David Kotz

    It is impossible to predict the course of the financial crisis. But even if the financial crisis is contained, the bursting of the housing bubble—which began in 2007 and is bound to continue for some time—will have a powerful downward impact on the economy. Read more »

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    Financialization: A Primer

    By Ramaa Vasudevan

    You don’t have to be an investor dabbling in the stock market to feel the power of finance. Finance pervades the lives of ordinary people in many ways, and its size and impact are only getting bigger. Read more »

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    Capitalism Hits the Fan

    By Rick Wolff

    The current crisis has profound social roots in America’s households and families, and political roots in government policies. It did not start with finance, and it won’t end with finance. Read more »

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    Dealing with a “Rotten Tooth”

    By Arthur MacEwan

    Isn’t the bailout like having a rotten tooth extracted? The extraction is unpleasant, but it beats the alternative. Shouldn’t people quit complaining and suck it up? Read more »

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  • Paulson and Bernanke thumb

    Derivatives and Deregulation

    By Marty Wolfson

    It has become commonplace to describe the current financial crisis as the most serious since the Great Depression. Although we have more tools now to avoid a depression, the current crisis represents in some ways more significant challenges than did the banking crises of the 1930s. | Order this issue or subscribe.

  • Ahmadinejad thumb

    Populism and Neoliberalism in Iran

    By Rostam Pourzal

    As much as the role of fundamentalist Islam or the country’s foreign policy stance, it’s economic issues that account for Iran’s shifting political winds. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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