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Septmeber/October 2008

Issue 277—Annual Labor Issue

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    Confidence Trick

    By John Miller

    Whatever the bailout will do to patch up the credit system, it will not counteract the downward spiral in housing prices that brought on the crisis. Read more »

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    The Fannie/Freddie Bailout

    By Fred Moseley

    A look at the Fannie/Freddie bailout exposes the critical fault line—between private profits and public aims—that ran right through the hybrid structure of the mortgage giants. Read more »

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    The Greed Fallacy

    By Arthur MacEwan

    Various people explain the current financial crisis as a result of "greed." But there is no indication of a change in the degree or extent of greed on Wall Street in the last several years. Read more »

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    ICE Descends on Rhode Island

    By Rachael S. King

    The activist community in Providence, R.I. had the sense that something was about to happen. As an immigration panel met, rumors were flying about possible raids and arrests. Read more »

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    Ask Dr. Dollar: Labor Standards

    By Arthur MacEwan

    Activists often push for higher labor standards in trade agreements. But doesn’t cheaper labor without a lot of regulations help developing countries build their economies? Read more »

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    Indiana and Honda Mold a White Workforce

    Roger Bybee

    Honda’s new Indiana plant nets the company $141 million in subsidies—and a segregated workforce. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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    The Right to Stay Home

    David Bacon

    Transnational communities create new ways of looking at citizenship and residence that correspond to the realities of migration. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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    Back to the Future with Labor Law Reform

    Steve Early

    Labor has pinned its hopes on passing the Employee Free Choice Act next year. But is that a winnable fight—or even the right one? | Order this issue or subscribe.

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