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March/April 2008

Issue 275

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    Go Ahead and Lift the Cap

    By John Miller

    Back in January, the Clinton campaign sent a flyer accusing Obama of planning to impose "a trillion dollar tax increase on America's hard-working families" by lifting the cap on income subject to Social Security taxes. The truth was something different. Read more »

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    A New WPA?

    By Ryan A. Dodd

    National governments, by serving as "employers of last resort," could guarantee full employment by providing a job for anyone ready, willing, and able to work. Read more »

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    It's Still the Economy, Stupid

    By Robert Pollin | March 12th

    What do Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain have to say about our current reality of financial crisis and recession, and the generation-long stagnation in average living standards that has preceded the crisis of the moment? Read more »

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    War Spending, Deficits, and Economic Stimulus

    By Arthur MacEwan | March 7th

    Dear Dr. Dollar: Doesn't all the war spending stimulate the economy? And shouldn't the Bush tax cuts do the same? So why are we falling into recession? Read more »

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    West Bengal's Right Turn

    Smriti Rao

    The governing left coalition of the Indian state of West Bengal abandons its alternative development path for neoliberal "reforms." | Order this issue or subscribe.

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    Testing Economics

    Mark Maier and Julie Nelson

    Does the national economics assessment test high school students for economic literacy—or economic ideology? | Order this issue or subscribe.

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