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March/April 1998

Issue 216

The Great Schools Debate: Charters, Vouchers, Financing


  • Tests and Money

    Amy Gluckman

    Where Does U.S. Public Education Stand?

  • Underfunded Schools

    Noreen Connell

    Why Money Matters

  • To Raise a Village

    Gregory Tewksbury and Abby Scher

    Education for the Community

  • Do Vouchers Improve Education?

    Martin Carnoy

  • Charter Schools Expand

    Eric Rofes

    Will They Encourage Public School Reform?

  • The New Corporate University

    Stanley Aronowitz

    Higher Education Becomes Higher Training

  • Ezekiel's Café

    Eleanor J. Bader

  • Econotoon Retrospective

    Nick Thorkelson

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  • the short run The New Religion | Slavery on Capitol Hill
  • letters Where's the Big Picture?
  • active culture I Pledge | Teach-Ins on Corporate Power
  • comment School Reform and the Attack on Public Education
  • making sense The Budget in Balance!—Not |In the Shadow of Kodak | The Working Homeless
  • in review Making Sense of the Media: A Handbook of Popular Education Techniques
  • ask dr. dollar Why call D&S a "collective"?