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September/October 1997

Issue 213


  • Privatization (Part II)

    Edward S. Herman

    The Global Attack on Democracy, Labor and Public Values

  • Deregulation and Green Marketing

    Jon Entine

    The Threat to Safe Energy

  • Special Section: Labor Explores New Terrain

the regulars

  • the short run Forget Your Car, Says GM | McFeelings
  • letters Respect for Childcare Workers
  • active culture What Women Want | Labor Amendment?
  • comment Sweatshops Are Us
  • making sense Portrait of a Well-To-Do Tax Avoider | Minimum Wage, Maximum Benefit?
  • ask dr. dollar Is a High Dow Jones Good for the Economy?
  • in review Living With Racism: The Black Middle Class Experience
  • economy in numbers It's Tough To Be Young Today