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July/August 1997

Issue 212


  • Economy in Review

    By Edward Herman

    Privatization: Downsizing Government for Principle and Profit

  • The Albanian House of Cards

    By Fred Abrahams

  • The New Loan Sharks

    By Michael Hudson

  • 'Miracle' in Philadelphia

    By Marc Breslow

    Can Fiscal Management Really Save the Cities?

  • Why Did the USSR Fall?

    By David Kotz and Fred Weir

    The Party Elite, Not the Masses, Wanted Capitalism

  • The Grameen Bank Story

    Grameen's Lessons

    By Errol T. Louis

    Microlending for Economic Development

    By Muhammad Yunus

  • Catdang Basket Project

    By Eleanor J. Bader

    A Vietnam Story

  • Labor Forum

    Interview with Wilmer Erroa Argueta

    Fighting Phone Privatization in El Salvador

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