One way to support Dollars & Sense is by giving us items from our wish list. And, if you buy through the links below, we get a kickback from Amazon. A double donation!

Printer Accessories

A good printer is essential in the D&S office: the editors print articles for the collective to read, the business manager prints invoices and checks, the development director prints—ahem— fundraising letters... When our old workhorse, a doughty HP LaserJet 4 Plus, inked its last this spring, we found that our little desk jets were slower than molasses in winter and used toner faster than an SUV guzzles gasoline. Luckily, our Book Editor's Craigslist skills quickly brought us a nearly new, bargain priced Brother HL 5150D laser printer. Which needs a new drum. And, eventually, a new toner cartridge.

A Fast Fax Machine

Sometimes we get book orders by fax, and sometimes we fax bookstores copies of their invoices. Our current fax machine takes about half a minute to scan one page, and it insists on being fed one page at a time (though sometimes it balks at even that). Collecting payment for our books would be much easier if we had a faster fax machine, like this Xerox Faxcentre F110.

A Shredder

A shredder, like this Sentinel 10-sheet crosscut model helps keep your personal information safe, and it provides us with packing material for large book shipments: reduce, reuse, recycle!


As you might have guessed, we use a lot of paper.

Shipping Supplies

We also use a lot of envelopes. Size 4 padded mailers are handy for orders of a book or two, while size 5 mailers will hold a few more. And 9" x 12" flat envelopes are perfect for back issues of the magazine.
Also, since we moved our book inventory to encuentro 5 and started shipping large orders ourselves, we've noticed that we need several other kinds of shipping supplies. The most durable of these is a shipping scale; clear packing tape is also welcome. And, though we're doing our best to reuse as many (free!) boxes as we can rescue from the waste stream, sometimes we still run out—so shipping boxes are very useful to us. And spring clamps help us store the boxes neatly until we need them.


We'd love to have more postage stamps! We do have a postage meter, but it's good to have back-up; also, it's just nicer to put a stamp on some things.

Staples Gift Cards

Our office is right upstairs from a Staples office supply store.


Most days, the D&S staff find our work very motivating. But most days, we also need a little extra oomph, usually in the form of steaming mugs of organic fair trade coffee. (We don't have a coffee grinder, so pre-ground coffee is preferred for now.)


If you're in the Boston area and have skills in graphic design, web design, small-office IT/networking, or accounting that you would like to share with us, please let us know. We won't be able to pay you, but we will make you coffee.

Frequent Flyer Miles & Rewards

Members of the Dolalrs & Sense staff and collective get around: we often take D&S materials to gatherings such as the Allied Social Sciences Association annual meetings, the Independent Press Association's annual conference, the Left Forum, the U.S. Federation of Worker Co-ops conference, and the National Conference for Media Reform, among others. Dollars & Sense usually finds a way to reimburse travel costs—you can help by donating your frequent flyer rewards to us.

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