Taxes and Deficits Activism Kit

Here are materials from the March/April 2011 issue of Dollars & Sense to print, copy, and distribute at rallies in support of public-sector workers and on Tax Day—April 18th this year. With the aid of our flyers and buttons (available in pdf format to print and clip), you can help spread the word: TAX THE RICH! Check back for the most up-to-date information.

  • March/April Editorial Note

    By Chris Sturr | March/April 2011

    The surge of pro—union activism in Wisconsin is exciting and inspiring, especially coming on the heels of liberation movements in the Middle East. But the struggle there is also frightening.

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  • Restore the Original Wealth Tax

    By Polly Cleveland | March/April 2011

    There’s an alternative to the drastic cuts in public services state and local officials are proposing: restore the property tax.

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  • Who Gets the Value We All Produce?

    By Arthur MacEwan | March/April 2011

    Dear Dr. Dollar: I found government statistics that seem to show that workers’ share of gross domestic product (GDP) is just 55% and that the other 45% goes to people who didn’t work for it. Can this be true?

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  • A Dirty Job No One Should Do

    By John Miller | March/April 2011

    Pure as the driven snow? How about as dirty as what remains of the Northeast’s snow piles, covered with filth a month after record storms? Eckhaus and his fat-cat clients richly deserve the scorn that even his friends have heaped upon them. The pay packages Eckhaus negotiated are obscene.

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  • State Workers Face a Compensation Penalty

    By Ethan Pollack | March/April 2011

    The campaign against state and local workers is often justified with claims that they are privileged relative to their private-sector peers or have somehow been cushioned from the effects of the recent recession and slow recovery. Data from Wisconsin as well as Indiana, New Jersey, and Ohio prove that these claims are clearly false.

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