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For nearly 40 years, Dollars & Sense has been ahead of its time. In just the past few issues, D&S has featured cutting-edge news about urgent economic problems—and potential solutions—before they’ve made the headlines in the corporate media:

cover of March/April 2013 issue

• In the article "Beyond Deficit Scare-Mongering" in our March/April issue, author Ellen Frank questioned the claim of pro-austerity Harvard economists Reinhart and Rogoff as appearing to have been "pulled out of a hat." The following month, Reinhart and Rogoff’s faulty methods were widely reported.

• In the same issue, the cover article by Darwin BondGraham explored the role of speculators in the recent housing "recovery"—a problem that was covered on the front page of The New York Times ... three months later!

• In the Jan./Feb. 2013 issue, Robin Hahnel explained why the United States, Europe, and Canada may soon be known as "the formerly advanced economies," as "the elites in charge of economic policy ... seem hell-bent on committing economic suicide." While the so-called "experts" continue to ignore the evidence and champion free-market finance, the regime of austerity continues to squeeze the middle class and crush the poor.

These are just a few of the under-reported stories and intriguing ideas in the past few issues of Dollars & Sense. If D&S has been helping you stay ahead of the curve, please make a contribution today!

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