Real World Latin America

real world latin america cover
Date of publication:
November 2013

  • Contents
  • Introduction Alejandro Reuss
  • Section One: Latin America in the Global Economy
  • Chapter One: The Region Under Neoliberalism
    • Latin America in the New Global Capitalism William I. Robinson
    • The Colombia FTA: Only Corporations Win Matias Vernengo
    • Mexico: Prosperous, Competitive, Undergoing an Economic Renaissance? James M. Cypher
    • Chile: A Schizophrenic Country Ximena de la Barra
    • Disaster Capitalism to the Rescue: The International Community and Haiti After the Earthquake Alex Dupuy
  • Chapter Two: The Region Emerging from Neoliberalism?
    • Beyond the World Creditors' Cartel Dariush Sokolov
    • What Accounts for South America’s Resilience? Oscar Ugarteche
    • Brazil's "Big Push" James M. Cypher
    • China and India: Latin America’s New Friends From the East He Li
  • Section Two: Development and Sustainability
  • Chapter Three: Development and Extraction
    • Amid Gas, Where Is the Revolution? Bret Gustafson
    • Commodifying Water in Times of Global Warming Astrid Bredholt Stensrud
    • The Global Pesticide Pushers in Latin America Jimmy Langman
    • Is Biotechnology the Answer? The Evidence from NAFTA Gerardo Otero and Gabriela Pechlaner
  • Chapter Four: Development and Conservation
    • Keep It in the Ground Elissa Dennis
    • Carbon-Offset Conservation in the Choco Autumn Spanne
    • A Mining Ban in El Salvador? Emily Achtenberg
    • A Most-People's Climate Movement? Daniel Aldana Cohen
  • Section Three: Power and Conflict
  • Chapter Five: Latin America and the United States
    • Beyond Supply and Demand: Obama’s Drug Wars in Latin America Suzanna Reiss
    • Retreat to Colombia: The Pentagon Adapts Its Latin America Strategy John Lindsay-Poland
    • The Costs of the Cuban Embargo Margot Pepper
    • Haiti's Fault Lines: Made in the U.S.A Marie Kennedy and Chris Tilly
    • 'A New Chapter of Engagement': Obama and the Honduran Coup Alexander Main
  • Chapter Six: Democracy, Dictatorship, and Armed Force
    • Contested Development: The Geopolitics of Bolivia’s TIPNIS Conflict Emily Achtenberg
    • Palm Oil Oppression Sarah Blaskey and Jesse Chapman
    • Drugs and Business: Central America Faces Another Round of Violence Annie Bird
    • The Other Colombia: Economics and Politics of Depropriation Patricia Rodriguez
    • The 2009 Coup and the Struggle for Democracy in Honduras Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle
  • Section Four: Labor in the Americas
  • Chapter Seven: Wage Labor and Capital
    • The Assault on Labor in Cananea, Mexico Anne Fischel and Lin Nelson
    • Refusing to Hear: Press Coverage of the Chilean Miners Steven S. Volk
    • After Sweatshops? Apparel Politics in the Circum-Caribbean Marion Werner and Jennifer Bair
    • Florida Tomato Pickers Demand "Fair Food" Dan Schneider
    • A House Still Divided: Mexico’s Labor Movement Dan La Botz
    • Solidarity: The Only Effective Labor Policy Dan La Botz
  • Chapter Eight: Migrations
    • Immigrants and the Labor Market Esther Cervantes
    • Follow the Money: The University of Arizona's Border War Todd Miller
    • The Border: Funneling Migrants to Their Doom Oscar Martinez
    • Migrante Mobilization in El Nuevo South Chris Zepeda-Millan
    • Made in Argentina: Bolivian Migrant Workers Fight Neoliberal Fashion Marie Trigona
    • The Right to Stay Home David Bacon
  • Section Five: Rethinking Resistance and Revolution
  • Chapter Nine: Legacies of 20th Century Resistance and Revolution
    • Mexico’s Unspent Revolutionary Legacies: An Interview With Historian Alan Knight Fred Rosen
    • Changes From Below: New Dynamics, Spaces, and Attitudes in Cuban Society Katrin Hansing
    • Et Tu, Daniel? The Sandinista Revolution Betrayed Roger Burbach
    • Fifty Years of Caribbean Independence: Real and Imagined Kevin Edmonds
    • The Politics of Memory and the Memory of Politics Steven S. Volk
  • Chapter Ten: Resistance and Revolution in the 21st Century?
    • Horizontalism: From Argentina to Wall Street Marina Sitrin
    • The Communal State: Communal Councils, Communes, and Workplace Democracy Dario Azzellini
    • Chavez in the Americas Stephanie Pearce
    • The Promise Besieged: Participation and Autonomy in Cuba Armando Chaguaceda
    • Hope and Exhaustion at the Hotel BAUEN Elissa Dennis
    • Monseñor Romero's Resurrection: Transnational Salvadoran Organizing Hector Perla, Jr.
    • A New Politics for a New Chile Joshua Frens-String
    • A New Indigenous-Left in Ecuador? Jeffery R. Weber