Teaching Economics As If People Mattered

teaching economics cover
Date of publication:
March 2007

Field-tested by high school teachers, Teaching Economics As If People Mattered goes beyond mainstream academic theories to take a critical and constructive view of current economic policies. This innovative and accessible economics curriculum helps students understand the human implications of economic theories. Twenty-one lesson plans are designed to stimulate dialogue and encourage active student participation in the classroom. The 2nd edition includes updated income and wealth statistics. Also suitable for college courses, formal and informal adult education, and self-study.

Topics include:

  • What is income and why do some people earn so much more of it than others?
  • How are income and wealth affected by racial and gender inequality?
  • What is wealth and how is it distributed in the US?
  • The global economy and the race to the bottom
  • The consequences of economic inequality
  • Strategies and policies for greater equality

...and much more.