Our Economic Well-Being

A Popular Economics Collective Responds to Questions about the Economy
from a United Methodist Congregation

Edited by Alejandro Reuss, Zoe Sherman, Chris Sturr, and the Dollars & Sense collective.

Our Economic Well Being cover
Date of publication:
April 2017

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  • The Economic Well-Being Award
  • Introduction: From Our Collective to Your Congregation
  • Chapter 1: Measuring Our Economic Experience
    • 1. Are We Better Off Than We Were Forty Years Ago? Zoe Sherman
    • 2. The Real Unemployment Rate John Miller
    • 3. Our Triple Jobs Problem Alejandro Reuss
    • 4. The Gig Economy Gerald Friedman
    • 5. What Happened to Wages? Gerald Friedman
    • 6. Myths of the Deficit Marty Wolfson
    • 7. Myths and Realities of Government Spending Gerald Friedman
    • 8. The Great Tax-Cut Experiment Gerald Friedman
    • 9. GDP and Its Discontents Alejandro Reuss
    • 10. Beyond Debt and Growth An Interview with Robert Pollin
    • 11. The Costs of Austerity Gerald Friedman
    • 12. What Happened to the Recovery? Gerald Friedman
  • Chapter 2: We Had Choices: What Choices Did We Make That Got Us Here?
    • 1. That ’70s Crisis Alejandro Reuss
    • 2. Inequality, Power, and Ideology Arthur MacEwan
    • 3. A Great Fall: The Origins and Crisis of Neoliberalism David M. Kotz
    • 4. All the King’s Horses: Neoliberal Capitalism, Its Crisis, and What Comes Next David M. Kotz
  • Chapter 3: We Still Have Choices. How Can We Change Course?
    • 1. Rank-and-File Economics Katherine Sciacchitano
    • 2. Universal Health Care: Can We Afford Anything Less? Gerald Friedman
    • 3. What Would Full Employment Cost? Arthur MacEwan
    • 4. We Need a (Green) Jobs Program Jeannette Wicks-Lim
    • 5. A Superfund for Workers Jeremy Brecher
    • 6. Equal Treatment for Immigrants Alejandro Reuss
    • 7. Why We All Need Affirmative Action Jeannette Wicks-Lim
    • 8. “Just Cause” and the Attack on Job Security Rand Wilson
    • 9. A Case for Public Ownership Arthur MacEwan
    • 10. Co-op Economics Nancy Folbre
    • 11. Climate Policy as Wealth Creation James K. Boyce
    • 12. Escaping the Dependency Trap of Capitalism Cynthia Kaufman
    • 13. The Future of Work, Leisure, and Consumption An Interview with Juliet Schor
  • Appendix: Trumpism: Causes and Consequences
    • 1. Trump and National Neoliberalism Sasha Breger Bush
    • 2. It Can Happen Here David M. Kotz
    • 3. Making America Irate Again Steven Pressman
    • 4. What Trump Can and Can’t Do to Immigrants David Bacon
    • 5. Three Wages of Whiteness Zoe Sherman
    • 6. Surviving in the Age of Trump Dean Baker
    • 7. Green-State America Frank Ackerman
  • Contributors