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Links on Higher Ed and Housing

(1) Higher ed:  There’s a nice piece by Jefferson Fish at Psychology Today‘s website, of all places, on the corporatization of universities: A University Is Not Walmart. (Hat-tip to Polly Cleveland.) This is a wide-ranging overview piece, covering everything from student … Continue reading

by Chris Sturr | February 13, 2015
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Greece and TINA: Syriza Igniting Debates

Margaret Thatcher coined the radical neo-liberal slogan/mantra, “There Is No Alternative”—what most of us know as, “TINA.” Naomi Klein brilliantly developed the history and use of TINA in both theory and practice in her bestseller, The Shock Doctrine. TINA has … Continue reading

by Mike-Frank Epitropoulos | February 11, 2015
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