Please Support the Striking Battery Wharf Hotel Workers

D&S‘s 45th-anniversary celebration last night was a big success, with around 50 people, including many former members of the D&S collective and staff and many other longtime supporters, food and drink, and wonderful talks by Arthur MacEwan and Juliet Schor.

We encouraged people at the event to contribute to the Thanksgiving strike fund for the Battery Wharf Hotel workers, of Boston’s UNITE HERE Local 26, who have been on strike since early October.  Here is the email we received about the Thanksgiving strike fund.  Please consider contributing and spreading the word.

Donate to Give Thanksgiving to a Family on Strike at the Battery Wharf Hotel

My name is Yu-Zhen Yu. I have worked as a room attendant at the Battery Wharf Hotel in Boston for four years. Here in Boston, we’ve started our third month on strike. As we near Thanksgiving 2019, we will remain on strike.

We are striking because we believe one job should be enough for every hotel worker in Boston. Westmont’s Battery Wharf Hotel is the ONLY union hotel that has not agreed to a fair contract that ensures sexual harassment protections, job security, and affordable health care. Without these things, we cannot take care of our families.

We will not let this hotel get rid of everything that makes working at the Battery Wharf Hotel a good union job! We are asking for your help to win this fight. We are raising money to give gift cards to strikers like myself so we can buy food for our families this Thanksgiving. Your support will keep us strong.

Please donate to support the strike at

Then, send this email to five more people who will dig deep to help striking families like mine this Thanksgiving.

In Solidarity,

Yu-Zhen Yu


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