Introducing our Real World Economics Round-up

Welcome to the first edition of our Real World Economics Round-up. Each month, we’ll send you a collection of articles from Dollars & Sense and some of our favorite outlets, delivering left economic perspectives right to your inbox!

Neoliberalism Unchained: Jair Bolsonaro and the Rise of the Extreme Right in Brazil
Dollars & Sense
The year of 2019 marks a consolidation of the steady slither into extreme right-wing rule in Brazil, as long-time congressman Jair Colsonaro assumed the presidency on January 1. Read more here.

Here’s What the New Green Deal Looks Like
This interview with Robert Pollin traces the linkages between economic growth and fossil fuel consumption, while also highlighting the importance of raising awareness of the climate stabilization project. Read more here.

Labor Upheaval in Bangladesh Prompts Solidarity Actions
Labor Notes
With the sixth anniversary approaching of the Rana Plaza building collapse that killed over 1,000 workers, conditions in the world’s second largest garment export industry are tumultuous. Read more here.

Raising the Federal Minimum Wage to $15 by 2024 Would Lift Pay for Nearly 40 Million Workers
Economic Policy Institute
The federal minimum wage was established in 1938, as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), to help ensure that all work would be fairly rewarded and that regular employment would provide a decent quality of life. Read more here.

Zen and the Art of The Federal Reserve System

New Economic Perspectives
I know nothing about motorcycles, and not much more about the U.S. Federal Reserve system–yet I feel compelled to dismantle, pick apart, and understand the latter for the simple reason that it seems to be a machine I’ve been riding on (and vaguely writing essays about) for some time now. Read more here.

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