New Office!



New Office!  We had to move the Dollars & Sense office yet again (we were only in our last office for just under a year), but this time we have landed in a great building we think we’ll be in for a long while–the NonProfit Center of Boston, near South Station in downtown Boston.

The building, which has amazing meeting rooms, a conference center, a cafe, a courtyard, even an art gallery, is run by Third Sector New England and is home to many great organizations, including the New Economy Coalition.

We are hard at work on our July/August issue, which will be a bit late because of our move.  We’ll have articles about public credit rating agencies, (Bill) Clinton-era economic policies, “secular stagnation,” and corporate control of information. We will post more content to the website soon.

If you didn’t get a chance to donate to our Spring fundraiser, which ended yesterday, you can still donate online here.

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