Monday Links

I have had a rocky start with my intention to post links every Monday–I missed last week, but I’m picking up today (with some of the ones I meant to post last week).

Sarah Jaffe, Why Harris and Hobby Lobby Spell Disaster for Working Women.  Excellent piece that links last week’s rulings to each other. On homecare workers, who were the focus of the Harris ruling, see also Steve Early’s review of Caring for America in our 2012 Annual Labor Issue. And on on Hobby Lobby, some choice quotes from Ginsburg’s dissent have been circulating (e.g., at Alternet).

Wolf Richter, How Wall Street Manipulates the Buy-to-Rent Housing Market.  Via Naked Capitalism. You read about Wall Street investors snapping up rental properties here last year in Darwin BondGraham’s cover story, Whose Housing Recovery?

Corporate Europe Observatory, Leaked Document Shows EU Is Going for a Trade Deal That Will Weaken Financial Regulation.  Find the leaked document here.

Jennifer Taub, Reforming Banks for Good.  In Dissent–a great piece.

Unlearning Economics, Perverting Piketty.  At Pieria, by the blogger responsible for Unlearning Economics. Hat-tip to our book reviewer, Steve Pressman.

Christopher Nealon, Pynchon’s Children.   A really interesting review of Pynchon’s latest novel, Bleeding Edge, in which my old pal Chris Nealon claims that “Pynchon has been writing, all along, about capitalism in particular, and doing it through the lens of a complex and disturbing vision of sexuality.”  Go Chris.

That’s it for now.

–Chris Sturr


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