Robert Pollin: Beyond Debt and Growth

0713coverlargeOur July/August issue is almost out;  we will be sending out the electronic version to e-subscribers early next week, and the printers will start printing next week.

I have posted one of the features, an interview (Beyond Debt and Growth) that my co-editor Alejandro Reuss conducted with Robert Pollin, econ professor at UMass-Amherst, co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute, and a co-author (with Thomas Herndon and Michael Ash) of the paper that took down Rogoff and Reinhart’s paper on debt and growth that was used to justify austerity policies.

The interview takes off from that paper, but goes on to a wide-ranging discussion of austerity policies and alternatives. Pollin contrasts profit-led models with wage-led models of growth; there’s a great discussion at the end of Polish economist Michal Kalecki, and the idea, from Robert Heilbroner (who was Pollin’s professor) of “slightly imaginary Sweden.”

Also in the new issue: a feature on agricultural derivatives by Sasha Breger Bush; our cover story “Frackonomics,” by Rob Larson, an Economy in Numbers by Jerry Friedman on why companies are not investing, and much more.  See the table of contents here.

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–Chris Sturr


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