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Today I will do things in twos:

(1) Two new articles: 

  • Banking on the Public, by Abby Scher, a report-back from the Public Banking 2013 conference earlier this month.
  • Taxing Cash Hoarders, by Alejandro Reuss:  Nonfinancial corporations are stockpiling enormous sums of cash. A tax on this idle cash that would light a fire under corporations to spend it now.

(2) Two items on banking regulation:

(3) Two items on the economics of climate change:

(4) Two items on the end of DOMA: 

  • “It Was the Economy, Faggots”, a scathing critique of Bill Clinton’s hypocrisy by Andrew Sullivan (hat-tip to T.M.). Too bad I dislike Andrew Sullivan even more than I dislike Bill Clinton (not least because of his recent comments about Glenn Greenwald to the NYT).
  • Gay Marriage Blues, by our former co-editor Amy Gluckman (hat-tip to our former book editor Dan Fireside for urging me to direct people to this again, despite my worries about raining on people’s anti-DOMA parade). Of course DOMA was awful, but if we care about LGBT folks’ health care and pensions, why not fight for universal health care and universal pensions, so even single people–gay or straight–can have them? A better economic take on gay marriage.

That’s it for now.

–Chris Sturr

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