The John Pike Meme; Rick Wolff Video; EU

(1) The Lt. John Pike (UC Davis pepper-spraying cop) meme:

See more pictures of UC Davis Lt. John Pike casually pepper-spraying innocents here and here and here.

Find a template to make your own image here.

(2) Video of Rick Wolff’s Excellent Talk at #OccupyBoston, November 17, 2011. Thanks to Doug G. of the Zinn Memorial Lecture Series for taking and posting the videos. Worth watching all the way through.


Find part 2 (the question period) here.

(3) The #OWS NYC 11/17 “Bat Signal”:

Would be great to have one of these in Boston to project on the Artery Tunnel vent that forms the back of the “mainstage” at the camp.

(3)Two Items on Europe: Quickly, since I have to prepare to be part of a panel discussion at Harvard’s Dudley House on the Occupy movement:

From the Independent (via Barry Ritholtz): Is Goldman Sachs the New Master of the EU?

By Marshall Auerback (who is writing a comment on the European sovereign debt crisis for our Jan/Feb issue), on Fox News, “The More You Deflate, the Bigger the Debt Problem Gets,” via Naked Capitalism and Credit Writedowns.

That’s it for now.

–Chris Sturr

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