Quick Update from DC; America Beyond Capitalism

Soggy Mcpherson Square #OccupyDC encampment, Oct. 19, 2011

(1) Quick Visit to #OccupyDC: I stopped by one of the two #OccupyDC encampments last night.  The Mcpherson Square encampment (known as “#OccupyKSt”) was quite soggy last night when I walked through at about 6:45pm.  There was the usual info tent, food tent, lots of tents (more pictures below), but not the kind of interaction with passers-by that you see at #OB and #OWS (though that might be because of the weather).  Today is sunny–I may stop by again to see it in nicer weather.  I also plan to stop by the encampment at Freedom Plaza, which was apparently planned long before the #Occupy movement, and has more of an antiwar theme.

(2) America Beyond Capitalism: I had a great dinner meeting with Gar Alberovitz and John Duda of the Democracy CollaborativeDollars & Sense will be co-publishing the new edition of Gar’s book America Beyond Capitalism, which will be available very soon.  An excerpt from the new introduction will be the cover story of our November/December issue.  I’ll have a sneak peek at the new edition’s cover soon.

It’s a terrific book–even more timely now than when its first edition came out in 2005, given the financial crisis and recession, and yet more timely now than when Gar decided to do a second edition, given #OccupyWallStreet.

(3) More Great Charts from BusinessInsider!: 7 More Charts That Show the Average American Has Been Getting Screwed for Decades.  Hat-tip to Randy Albelda. The comments section is very odd–facts alone can’t convince people, evidently.  Hard to see how anyone could see these charts and draw the weird conclusions the BI readers draw (unions haven’t been fighting hard enough for their members?! It’s all Clinton’s fault?–ok, partly, but all?).

More pictures of #OccupyKSt:

That’s it for now.

–Chris Sturr


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