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The New Yorker Occupy Wall Street Cover

(1) Incredible Charts from BusinessInsider: Hat-tip to Arjun Jayadev, who inaugurated the series of teach-ins we’ve been organizing for #OccupyBoston, for alerting us to anincredible slideshow of charts, Here’s What the Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About, at the odd website BusinessInsider (odd because though it appears to be an ordinary personal investment site, it sometimes has leftish content, including this set of slides on inequality that we noticed from a few months ago). It’s by someone named Henry Blodget, who is listed as the CEO of BusinessInsider. He is also listed as the author of this post supportive of #OccupyWallStreet:  The Protesters Are Getting Their Act Together!, which shows a picture of a protester holding a sign that looks like it’s generated from some charts that Boston Review among other outlets is distributing (I’ve seen them at #OccupyBoston–they’re great).

(2) Comics Geeks Take On the 1%: In my post about the new “I’m Getting Arrested” Droid app, I showed how the techno geeks, e.g. the reviewer of the app over at CNET, are getting into the #OWS spirit.  Now the comic book geeks apparently are too, according to this item (hat-tip, again, to Arjun). The comments section reveals that there are still plenty of right-wingers in comics land, including one plaintive post declaring that he’s a right-winger who just likes to read Batman comics (apparently offended that his hobby has been infected by #OWS fever).

(3) D&S Columnists on the Real News Network: John Miller and Arthur MacEwan have a new book out, Economic Collapse, Economic Change: Getting to the Roots of the Crisis.  (It’s awesome.)  Now they’ve been interviewed for the Real News Network, here.

(4) The New Yorker cover: It looks like this week’s New Yorker will have a cover sympathetic to #OWS.  Hendrick Hertzberg’s Talk of the Town comment on #OWS in last week’s issue was a little disappointing.  For one thing, he kept referring to  “OWES”–a clever enough play on #OWS that points to debt as a central concern, but a little condescending to rename the movement. Then his conclusion wrote any anti-capitalist aspects out of the whole effort:

If Occupy Wall Street can continue to behave with nonviolent restraint, if it can avoid hijack by a flaky fringe, if it can shake the center-left out of its funk, if it can embolden Democratic politicians (very much including President Obama, who, lately and belatedly, has begun to show signs of fight), then preoccupied Main Street will truly owe OWES. Big ifs all. It’s too early to tell, but not too late to hope.

So he wants to claim #OWS for the “center-left.”  I prefer BBC radio, which refers to the movement as “the anti-capitalist movement Occupy Wall Street.”  Which is of course much truer to the majority of the signs you see there (which Hertzberg must be reading as part of the “fringe”).

That’s all for now.  I will be in DC for a week; hoping to post reports about #OccupyDC.

–Chris Sturr

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