Last-Minute Tax-Day Actions

I always do my taxes at the last minute, so it’s characteristic of me to be doing a post on Tax-Day actions at the last minute.  I hope this can direct some D&S readers and blog followers to their local left/progressive Tax Day actions.  The list below is from the Right to the City folks and their Tax Day Shuffle flashmobs.  There are many other actions going on–I myself am heading to Boston’s North End, where some kind of re-enactment of Paul Revere’s ride is ending up for a rally near the statue of Paul Revere behind Old North Church.  But there’s another rally at Copley Square (listed below).

And don’t forget out Taxes and Deficits Activism Kit.

Here is the listing–apologies again for it being so late:

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. companies do not pay federal income taxes

WHAT: Thousands of community members, including unemployed and underemployed workers and people who have faced foreclosure, will dance and sing the Tax the Rich shuffle.  The flashmob style dance will be performed inside bank offices, corporate headquarters, City Halls and at post offices on tax day in seven major cities.  The dancers who are part of the Right to the City Alliance, will be singing that wealthy corporations and individuals should “pay what they owe, give up the dough,” in order to provide the necessary revenue for job creation and community investment.

WHEN: April 18th, 2011  Times listed below according to location.

WHERE: Locations are confidential until immediately before the event.  Camera crews and reporters are invited to “ride along” by meeting up with dancers at the following locations and times:

1.     BOSTON
Meet at: Trinity Church in Copley Square 208 Clarendon St
4:00 PM

Meet at: YMCA, 401 S. Hope Street, Downtown Los Angeles

3.     MIAMI

Meet at: Power U Center 164 NW 20 Street, Miami Fl 33127
9:30 AM


Meet at:  City Park at 29th St and 9th Ave
4:00 PM


Meet at: Downtown at Burnside Park (across from bus station, next to Kennedy Plaza)
2:00 PM


Meet At:  San Francisco Public Library: Main Branch 100 Larkin Street
12:00 PM


Meet at:  Tenants and Workers United office at 3801 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22305

WHY: For too long, the government has allowed corporations and the wealthy to not pay their fair share.  Unrestricted greed has led to lay-offs, foreclosures, and high rates of unemployment in working class communities.  The impacts of the economic crisis have a disproportionate impact on women and people of color.  The government must stop protecting the corporations and start protecting the people.

A wealth tax and corporate taxes with no loopholes would generate hundreds of billions of dollars that could create living wage jobs with benefits and allow investment in our communities including in housing, schools, and senior care.

WHO: Members of the Right to the City Alliance in Boston, New York, Providence, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Oakland and Arlington/Washington DC.  Right to the City is a national alliance of community groups and worker centers that fights for urban justice, human rights and democracy.   RTTC believes everyone has a human right to a quality job (one with a living wage and benefits), a home and to live with dignity.

Visuals: People singing and dancing the “Tax the Rich” Shuffle, posters, and Rich B. Filthy requesting more tax cuts.

View our Tax the Rich Shuffle Instructional Video now at:

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