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UALE 2011
UALE 2011

Apologies to regular blog readers–I have been too busy going to, and preparing for, conferences to find good material on Japan, Libya, etc. to post. Very quick updates:

This past weekend Dollars & Sense was at Left Forum; our panel discussion on the banking sector went really well, with excellent analysis by Polly Cleveland and Rob Larson (with me moderating), and really thoughtful questions and discussion from the audience.  There were about 60 people over the course of the session, in a room that fit only about 4o comfortably (so some people came and went, mostly because it was so cramped). And the D&S table at the book exhibit was also a success–we unloaded some 50 books and hundreds of magazines, signed up a couple of dozen new subscribers, recruited authors, saw old friends, and met lots of great people.

This weekend I’ll be going to New Orleans for the the annual conference of the United Association for Labor Education.  More information about that here.

The only other links I have time to pass on are:

This one from the Real News Network, Gilbert Achcar under the headline Libyan No-Fly Zone Is Necessary, But Intervention Has Imperialist Objectives.  (The headline about sums up how I’ve been thinking, except for the first part about it being necessary!)

And this one from CNN.com:  Daniel Ellsberg–I Was Bradley Manning. Really excellent.

Oh–one more thing:  I just posted John Miller’s latest column to the main website.

More soon. Anyone who is heading to the UALE conference, find me at the D&S exhibit table, or at night find me at d/b/a in the Marigny district listening to some great jazz.

–Chris Sturr

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