Vancouver Olympics–At What Price?

For good alternative Olympics coverage, check out a three-part radio series entitled The Winter Olympics Comes to the Northwest…But at What Price? on KBCS community radio in Bellevue, Wash. (Part of this was rebroadcast on Boston’s own Radio With a View this past Sunday–hat-tip to Mark and Dave for alerting us to this series. You can hear last Sunday’s show for the next two weeks by clicking here, scrolling down, and clicking on the Feb. 14th link under the RWAV listing.)

Also check out the No 2010 Olympics on Stolen Native Land website and the Vancouver Media Co-op website for updates on the excellent activism going on to disrupt the Olympics.

Meanwhile, we bring you more satire about Canada from Maurice Dufour, professor of political science at Marianopolis College in Montreal: Arctic Power … With Added Cleansers. If you like Maurice’s satire, check out two of his earlier pieces for us: Shovel-Ready in Canada, about the supposed superiority of the Canadian banking system, and How to Make Mud Cookies, about famine in Haiti in the midst of the commodity crisis of 2008. One of his funniest for us, Hooked on Hydrocarbons, about the Alberta oil sands, is available only in the print edition. But email us and maybe we can send you a pdf (and try to convince you to subscribe).

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