Sit-in for Single-Payer in Pelosi's Office

Breaking news from the folks at the Mobilization for Health Care for All:

CALL PELOSI NOW! (415) 556-4862 and (202) 225-0100
There are 8 people sitting in RIGHT NOW in Nancy Pelosi’s Office in San Francisco!

They are not leaving until they get an answer to their demands! Their demands are that the Kucinich amendment MUST be in the health care bill that the House votes on, and that the House MUST vote on the Weiner amendment.

Pelosi PROMISED the American people that she would ensure BOTH of the above would happen, and she has betrayed us by reneging on those promises!

YOU can HELP! Call her office in SF at (415) 556-4862 and Washington, DC (202) 225-0100; demand that she talk with the people sitting in. Demand that she keep her promises and put Kucinich Amendment in bill and allow Floor vote on the Weiner Amendment!

Burn up her phone lines people! This is NOT business as usual! This is FOR REAL – we can make a difference in the future of health care in this country!

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