Rallies for Single-Payer in 50+ Cities 5/30

From Healthcare Now!—important rallies this weekend, in a city near you (visit the website for a long list of cities and events–most are on Saturday):

May 30th: National Day of Action
Nationwide Rallies for Improved Medicare for All

Join thousands of single-payer supporters in a nationwide week of action to support improved Medicare for all (HR 676). Single-payer activists will be gathering all over the country to say, “Healthcare, yes; Insurance companies, no,” and to show solidarity with demonstrations at the AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans, a private health insurance lobby) conference in San Diego.

If an action isn’t already in your city, plan your own day of action! It can be a town hall meeting, demonstration in front of a local insurance company, film showing, vigil, or your own unique idea. Let us know what you’d like to start planning by contacting info@healthcare-now.org.

47 million Americans are uninsured. Private insurance rates are rising faster than inflation and our incomes. By 2025 the cost of private health insurance will exceed our projected income.

Click here for more info including a list of cities and events.

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