Our RSS Feed Is Working Again

To blog subscribers: You may have noticed that our feed was down this weekend (starting at around 2pm on Friday). It’s back up. It was a problem with Google/Blogger; apparently lots of other blogs had the same problem.

Here’s what you missed (unless you visited the site directly):

Not a ton of posts. To be honest, I took the downed RSS feed as an excuse to relax a little over the weekend. There will be more today, though.

2 thoughts on “Our RSS Feed Is Working Again”

  1. Hello. Love the blog! I see a link to your RSS feed on the home page, but not on the blog itself. Makes it hard to find!

  2. Hi Matthew,Thanks for the tip! I added it to the main blog page, and once that’s done republishing, I will add it to the individual posts. Glad you like the blog!–CS

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