D&S in Polish

We just received a pdf copy of the March issue of the Polish edition of Le Monde diplomatique, which includes our May/June 2008 cover story, Ryan Dodd’s article on WPA-style Employer of Last Resort programs. The article is still timely. There is a lengthy sidebar by our Polish contact at Le Diplo, Grzegorz Konat. I will have to get him to send an English translation of his sidebar.

I couldn’t even begin to figure out how to code all the Polish diacritical marks in xhtml, so I’ve posted a pdf of the article here. If your Polish is as rusty as mine, you can find the original English version here. (The last time I tried to say anything in Polish was when, at age eight or so, I called my grandmother “babka” (coffee cake) instead of “babcha” (grandma), to the amusement of my extended family in Utica, NY.)

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