Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Film

Rick Wolff, professor of economics at UMass-Amherst and author of Capitalism Hits the Fan, which ran in our November/December issue, has out with a documentary film on the current economic crisis of the same title. Here are the details from Rick:

I hope that you may find a new film that I made with the Media Education Foundation (MEF) interesting and useful. Called “Capitalism Hits the Fan,” it is aimed at colleges, universities, and also high schools for instructional use, but it can serve other purposes as well. You can get a sense of it at

The dvd can be ordered now and will be shipped by month’s end. It is also possible to view the full-length version (just under an hour) freely, albeit in low resolution, at the MEF website. While the institutional prices are high, individuals can order the dvd for $ 19.95.

The dvd contains both the full-length version and a shorter 35-minute version.

You may be especially interested in the critical analytical approach to explaining the causes of the current crisis, in the critique of Keynesian stimulus-cum-reregulation “solutions,” and in the sketch of an alternative solution.

You gotta love his new website’s domain name. I wonder why no one had registered that yet?

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