Anatomy Of a Foreclosure In Cleveland

There’s a fantastic site detailing the foreclosure crisis in Cleveland (with the straightforward name of Foreclosing Cleveland). They have a wonderfully depressing story detailing the varied interests involved in the foreclosure of one particular home. The result says a lot about how we got into this mess.

From the site:

Here’s 4111 Archwood, a vacant foreclosed house four blocks down the street from me.

The County Auditor’s database says the owner of this house is Deutsche Bank National Trust Company. It says Deutsche Bank NTC paid $50,000 for the house in a sheriff’s sale in March 2007. The sheriff’s sale was the outcome of Case CV-05-554639, an action for foreclosure against the previous owners, filed in Common Pleas Court in February 2005 by Deutsche Bank NTC “as Trustee”.

But Deutsche Bank never held a mortgage on 4111 Archwood. And Deutsche Bank doesn’t really own 4111 Archwood now.

We’ll get back to Case CV-05-554639 and that magic word “Trustee” in a minute. But first, a short tour of the New Mortgage Industry, courtesy of the Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Sheila Bair.

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