Protests in Greece Have an Economic Basis

Who would know, from much of the media coverage, that the protests that have been happening in Greece have to do with economics? Luckily Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! is on the story, to let us know that there has been a general strike over pension reform and privatization. Here’s the introduction to the segment aired on Thursday:

Uprising in Greece
Protests, Riots, Strikes Enter 6th Day Following Fatal Police Shooting of Teen

Protests, riots and clashes with police have overtaken Greece for the sixth straight day since the fatal police shooting of a teenage boy in Athens Saturday night. One day after Wednesday’s massive general strike over pension reform and privatization shut down the country, more than a hundred schools and at least fifteen university campuses remain occupied by student demonstrators. A major rally is expected Friday, and as solidarity protests spread to neighboring Turkey, as well as Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands, dozens of arrests have been made across the continent. We speak to a student activist and writer from Athens.

Listen to the segment.

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