Flat-Earthers To Square Environment Circle?

This is wacky, indeed. Got it off Agence France Presse site. A tidbit:

“…”an astonishing switch” by former climate sceptics and conservative lobby groups in the United States.

After years of denial or contestation, these powerful forces have now suddenly accepted that global warming is a problem.

They have seized on geo-engineering as a solution that would make it unnecessary to slap costly curbs on big polluters…”

Climate change: Sci-fi solutions no longer in the margins

by Richard Ingham Richard Ingham Sun Dec 7, 5:30 am ET
Climate change: Sci-fi solutions no longer in the margins AFP/File

POZNAN, Poland (AFP) With political efforts to tackle global warming advancing slower than a Greenland glacier, schemes for saving Earth’s climate system that once were dismissed as crazy or dangerous are gaining in status.

Negotiating a multilateral treaty on curbing greenhouse gases is being so outstripped by the scale of the problem that those promoting a deus ex-machina — a technical fix that would at least gain time — are getting a serious hearing.

To the outsider, these ideas to manipulate the climate may look as if they are inspired by science fiction.

They include sucking carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the air by sowing the oceans with iron dust that would spur the growth of surface plankton.

The microscopic plants would gobble up CO2 as they grow, and when they die, their carbon remains would slowly sink to the bottom of the sea, effectively storing the carbon forever.

Another idea, espoused by chemist Paul Crutzen, who won the 1995 Nobel Prize for his work on the ozone shield, is to scatter masses of sulphur dioxide particles in the stratosphere.

Swathing the world at high altitude, these particles would reflect sunlight, lowering the temperature by a precious degree or thereabouts.

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