Kaletsky: Transition to Begin Immediately

Anatole Kaletsky makes some very strong, but interesting claims. A must read:

November 3, 2008

Change of guard could administer adrenalin shot

Anatole Kaletsky
The TImes

Although President Bush will officially remain in office until January 20, there is a widespread recognition in Washington that the three-month power vacuum envisaged by the constitution will be unacceptable in the present financial crisis. If Mr Obama is elected, therefore, he will name a new Treasury Secretary almost immediately–the leading contenders being Tim Geithner, the New York Fed President; Larry Summers, President Clinton’s last Treasury Secretary, and Paul Volcker, who chaired the Fed from 1980 to 1987. Offices have already been set aside for the new Secretary’s team in the Treasury building in Washington and they should start shadowing their Bush counterparts before the end of this week.

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