If You Could Use a Laugh About Now…

From today’s Independent. It has nothing to do with economics or the crisis. Consider it D&S’s personal tribute to you for enduring another obnoxious and extra-long American presidential campaign. A quick word of introduction, though: back in 2000, a Canadian comedian–I wonder if it’s the same one who appears in this story–managed to get into a Bush press conference passing as a journalist, and asked the candidate whether or not he was aware that “Prime Minister Poutine” of Canada (our largest trading partner) had given Mr. Bush his warm endorsement in his bid for the Michigan primary victory, and, for the presidency. Bush said something to the effect that he had always been an admirer of Prime Minister Poutine, who, after all, was a great believer in free trade. Needless to say, there never was a PM Poutine; Jean Chretien was the actual premier, and “poutine” in French Canada refers to a kind of cheese dip. Oh-I did cross-check this, and found it on Huffington Post, as well. Plus ca change…

Palin falls for ‘Sarkozy’ prank call

By Wesley Johnson, PA
Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sarah Palin unwittingly took a prank call from a Canadian comedian who posed as French president Nicolas Sarkozy and told her she would make a good US leader one day.

In the six-minute call, which will air on a Quebec radio station on the eve of the US presidential election, the governor of Alaska misses several hints that the conversation, in which the comedian uses an exaggerated French accent, is a joke.

The McCain-Palin campaign later issued a statement which said Mrs Palin was “mildly amused” and added: “C’est la vie.”

During the call with Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Trudel, a Montreal comedy duo known as the Masked Avengers, the moose-hunting Republican running mate talked about how she was a “careful shot”, praised Mr Sarkozy, and asked him to give his wife, model-turned-singer Carla Bruni, “a big hug for me”.

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