D&S Columnist John Miller on the Air

On February 16th, John Miller—economist, D&S collective member, and author of our regular column “Up Against the Wall Street Journal“—was a guest on the news program This Is Hell, broadcast on Saturday mornings on WNUR (89.3 FM) in Chicago. Besides discussing the current economic downturn and answering questions about his latest D&S feature article, Stormier Weather, John answered that week’s “Question from Hell” (“The question we hate to ask, and you may hate to answer”): “Does it matter to the economy who the next president is?”

Another highlight: John recalled hearing economist Hyman Minsky (the newly popular theorist of economic crises who died in 1996) say, “There’s nothing wrong with macroeconomics that another depression wouldn’t cure.”

The show’s host, Chuck Mertz, is a great interviewer and quite well-informed. And we enjoyed his birthday shout-out to Kim Jong-il at the beginning of the show, and the nod to Lithuanian Independence Day.

Listen to the podcast here.

Comcast Blocks Public Debate at FCC Hearing

This just in from the folks at SavetheInternet.com (about the forum on net neutrality we announced in this earlier posting):

WASHINGTON — Comcast has admitted hiring people to fill up the limited number of seats at yesterday’s Federal Communications Commission hearing at Harvard. More than 100 people were turned away when the event reached capacity. The public hearing was part of the federal agency’s ongoing investigation into allegations that the cable giant is blocking consumers’ access to legal Web traffic.

Timothy Karr, campaign director of SavetheInternet.com, issued the following statement:

“First, Comcast was caught blocking the Internet. Now it has been caught blocking the public from the debate. The only people cheering Comcast are those paid to do so. Clearly, Comcast will resort to just about any underhanded tactic to stack the decks in its favor. And yet Comcast still expects us to trust them with the future of the Internet?”

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