Thank you, Book Liberation Front!

by Chris Sturr | November 01, 2006

The books are moved. All three tons of them.

Big thanks to all the new members of the Book Liberation Front: Dan and Chris from the Dollars & Sense staff, our work study student Jason, Paulie Pe&#0241a and Jessamin Yu, and Tom Bozeman, who showed up because he read about it on the blog. (Exciting!) Also, I’m told, Liv Gold of the D&S collective, plus the friends she recruited. Chris says their timing was impeccable—showing up five minutes after the last carton was put away and just before the pizza was delivered. (Jessamin and I were out fulfilling the beer part of the deal when it happened.) We love Liv anyway.

Over pizza and beer, we admired the tidy stacks of cartons and had a good conversation about the world of non-profit publishing and about progressive organizations in Boston.

Again: huge, huge thanks to the BLF!



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  1. You mean that I helped move two tons of books but left before the pizza and beer?

  2. Ah, yes — forgot to acknowledge you as the anti-Liv.Which distinction you share with Jason. ;)

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