More Hershey's Treasures!

I admit it, I’m one of those — I haven’t owned a television in years. And it’s been even longer since I’ve watched a game show all the way through. So, really, I’d never given any thought to the idea of what “a lifetime supply of X” would mean. If you haven’t, either, then check this out:

It’s an appalling lot of stuff!

One thought on “More Hershey's Treasures!”

  1. From the Amazon review of Bob Harris’ book on his experience with Jeopardy!: “…Harris, a former standup comedian and <>current comedy writer<>, gives readers the lowdown on life as “one of the show’s big winners—and big losers.” (emphasis mine)Is that what they’re calling political blogging nowadays? Sure, a good rant on gitmo makes me clutch at my sides, but not in the same way …

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