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November/December 2007

Issue 273

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    (Mis)Understanding a Banking Industry in Transition

    By William K. Black

    To even begin to understand the recent crisis in the U.S. and global banking industries, you have to look back at the seismic shifts in the industry over the past 30 to 40 years. The story that continues to unfold is one of progressively worse policies that make financial crises more common and more severe. Read more »

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    Inequality Worsens Across Asia,
    Wall Street Journal Cheers

    By John Miller

    When ideologues of global capitalism step out of line, who better to let them know about it than the editors of the Wall Street Journal? Just ask the economists at the Asian Development Bank, who had the temerity to report that increasing inequality was a serious problem. Read more »

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    The Fed and America's Distorted Expansion

    By Thomas I. Palley

    The U.S. economy has been in expansion mode since November 2001. Though of reasonable duration, the expansion has been fragile and unbalanced. Now, with the subprime mortgage and credit crises, there are signs that the expansion may be ending. If the Fed deserves criticism, it is for endorsing the policy paradigm underlying a distorted expansion. Read more »

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    War Spending Placed Above Domestic Priorities

    By Monique Morrissey

    The Bush administration has asked for significant increases in both war appropriations and regular defense appropriations for fiscal year '08. If Congress agrees to these requests, defense spending will resume its upward climb to between 4.3% and 5.0% of GDP in 2008. Read more »

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    Acting in the Big Picture

    By Linda Pinkow

    Social change requires a large number of open-minded, concerned people to develop into highly committed, effective activists. Agents of change need a foundation of knowledge, a theoretical framework that integrates this knowledge, and the practical skills to conduct a long-term struggle for change. A new online "study/action" program helps people move from framework and knowledge to action. Read more »

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    Conscripted by Poverty

    By Anna Sussman

    In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, more than 33,000 young people have been associated with armed groups in recent years, mostly in the troubled eastern Congo region. International aid agencies say the child soldier epidemic in eastern Congo can be traced largely to economics. That's why aid groups are focusing demobilization efforts on economic solutions. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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    Dreams and Borders

    By Chris Tilly and Marie Kennedy

    Photos by Kyle A. de Beausset/

    Law enforcement officials swoop down on hundreds of undocumented immigrants who had not made it far past the border. Over one hundred are detained, some hospitalized with major injuries. Sound like a border raid in Arizona or Texas? Try Mexico’s southernmost state of Chiapas, and those detained were not Mexicans, but Central Americans trying to get to El Norte. Welcome to Mexico's other immigration problem, in which Mexican authorities are implicated in brutal repression against migrants from farther south—at the behest of the U.S. government. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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